Our free courses are delivered throughout Glasgow and aim to offer education about abuse in all its various forms.  We help survivors gain strength and confidence to move on from abuse, co-dependency and ‘Love Addiction’.   You can download our booklet here.


We have recently launched a new course called Freedom Forever that aims to offer women practical advice and support to live a life free from abuse in future.  Some of the course topics covered include relationships, assertiveness, housing options, financial & budgeting and support to explore education, training and education opportunities.


Many course participants have experienced new found strength within themselves to ‘stop the cycle’ of abuse towards themselves and their children. Many individuals have gone on to live free from abuse, experienced improved mental wellbeing and formed healthy relationships.  Many of those that have attended our programmes are now living a life free from abuse and in employment, or studying at colleges and universities. There is no greater joy than seeing our participants ‘soar’ as they go onto greater things.

Support & Advice

In addition to the courses, No Feart also visit various organisations  and charities to speak about Domestic Violence and raise awareness.  We are not a crisis or counselling service and can not offer long term support for individuals.  We can, however, signpost you to other specialist organisations that can help you

Prevention Work

All of our courses offer education, awareness and understanding about domestic abuse and the tactics used by perpetrators.


All of our courses offer education that helps to empower individuals to make informed decisions based on an increased understanding of domestic abuse.

Support Group

All our group programmes offer opportunities for survivors to gain valuable peer support from other survivors.


We offer short term 1-2-1 support that includes Housing  Options Advice, Benefit Advice, Exploring Education & Employment & signposting and referral to other services.


We deliver courses in partnership with other organisations and agencies for a small fee.  Courses can be tailored to the needs of groups and can be delivered within various local communities to ensure as many individuals as possible have access to our coursework programmes. Find out more here.


We also plan to deliver a comprehensive domestic violence abuse training programme for agencies and organisations in May 2019.  Please complete the form below to register your interest.

Awareness Work

We actively raise awareness for the human rights of those that have been, or are, survivors of domestic abuse and greatly welcome the Scottish Governments various policies designed to tackle violence and abuse in Scotland, however, there is still more to be achieved - we will not stop until domestic violence is eradicated completely.


As a social services practitioner that attended this course, I firmly believe it is desperately needed to educate and inform more vulnerable women about domestic abuse.  If more individuals we support attended this course, I believe gender-based violence could be drastically reduced in society. 


More social care practitioners and professionals need this information and training to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics, tactics, behaviours and resulting consequences for victims in this situation.  


Lynn delivers these courses with passion, knowledge and personal insight into the true circumstances for those in a domestic violence situation.  Lynn is the ultimate success story as someone that was a childhood victim of domestic violence, that went on to challenge this injustice and educate others to help prevent another statistic like her mum. 


Respect to you Lynn, I will be referring women on to your courses in future.


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No Feart is a Community Interest Company based in Glasgow that was formed to inform, educate and empower individuals about abuse. 


No Feart aims to help address the issue of domestic violence and actively raises awareness for the human rights of women and children to live a life free from the effects of violence and abuse.

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